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Map of cinemas and theaters in Poland

  • Coigdzie.pl collects data from more than 260 theatres, more than 600 theatre scenes and nearly 500 cinema, what makes us the largest and the most complete database of cinema and theatre repertoires in Poland
  • Cinema repertoire is updated daily, while theatre repertoire on a monthly basis 

Cinema and theatre repertoires

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png The largest database of cinemas and theatres

Coigdzie.pl team monitors nearly 500 cinemas, more than 260 theaters and more than 600 theater scenes, we provide information about all film shows and theatre performances taking place in major cinemas and theaters in Poland as well as about those organized by small local institutions. We are the largest database of cinema and theater repertoires in Poland.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png The most complete cinema and theatre repertoires

Cinema and theater database offered by coigdzie.pl is the most complete repertoire of cinemas and theaters available in Poland - we offer more than 34 000 film screenings every week and more than 2 500 theatre performances a month. Every information provided by coigdzie.pl is accurately described, illustrated with a poster or photo and geolocalised.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png Up-to-date and verified information

Every information about film screenings provided by coigdzie.pl is verified and updated daily, what means that clients as well as the users are informed about all changes in the cinema repertoire. Theatre repertoire is updated on a monthly basis.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png A precise description of the film screenings and the theatre performances

Every performance and every screening provided by coigdzie.pl is precisely described, illustrated with a poster or a photo and geolocalised. Detailed descriptions of the performances include not only the information about the plot, but also about its premiere date, the cast, the director, music and choreography.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png The highest quality data

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the whole team in the management coigdzie.pl can take pride in the highest quality of services offered:

  • 100% of the films and plays have a detailed description of a fixed structure
  • 100% of the records have a poster or a photo

  • 100% of the records have geographical coordinates and contact information