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We tell you where it's worthy to be!

Mobile Information Platform coigdzie.pl aggregates information about where to spend time in Poland. We distribute the largest event database from the whole country - every month we provide our Clients with over 20 000 new information. Additionally, we offer the largest and most up-to-date cinema and theatre repertoires in Poland.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png Leader in collecting information in Poland

coigdzie.pl is a leader in collecting information in Poland – everyday a team of editors looks for the most up-to-date information about events in Poland. We distribute the biggest events database in Poland, we also offer the most complete and the most up-to-date cinema and theatre repertoires. We are distinguished by the high quality data, standardization and geolocalisation of the events' venues. More information about the database is available in Event database section.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png Application developer under its own brand

In 2010 coigdzie.pl application, as the only local service, was published in Nokia Ovi Maps for all Nokia smartphones with  Symbian S60 OS. The application is very popular, has fixed users and is still available on smarthones with Symbian S60. In July 2012 coigdzie.pl launched a new version of the application for Symbian Anna / Belle that is enriched with new features including recommended events, information about film and theater premieres or one-click call to the event organizer. At the moment we are working on applications for other operating systems. More information about the applications can be found in Mobile Apps section.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png Experts at mobile market

Since July 2011 we are experts of IAB Poland. We work in two working groups - mobile marketing and e-commerce, where, together with his other experts, we are working on best practices, standards and guides for marketers and users or other educational projects. We have lectures at major industry conferences such as mobileStandard 201 or IAB Forum 2012 and we share our knowledge in the field of mobile marketing, mobile market and marketing content in the media.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png They trusted us in Poland

Coigdzie.pl application is the only Polish application embedded in Ovi Maps on Nokia phones. We deliver data to the geolocator docelu.pl, naszemiasto.pl, Polish communicator GG Network, a guide to cinema repertory of the Polish horizontal portal Onet and mobile applications such as Treespot Kraków and geomobile.pl. Data aggragated by coigdzie.pl is suitable for implementation in navigation systems what is confirmed by the long-term cooperation with NaviExpert mobile navigation and MapaMap navigation. In addition, mobile users can search for events in coigdzie.pl mobile app that is available in Nokia Store. More information about our customers can be found in Distribution section.