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Database of concerts and festivals

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png The largest concert database in Poland

From March 2012 Coigdzie.pl is the leading concert database, we collect information about all kinds of music from pop to classical. We also offer the largest database of music, theatre and film festivals that  are local as well as national. Every month our clients receive information about over 2000 concerts and hundreds of festivals

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png Bands, artists and musicians database

Along with the concert database coigdzie.pl clients receive a database of over 2500 bands descriptions with information about the artists and musicians. Thanks to this information, clients can equip their applications with a very useful functionality - a search for bands and musicians who often work with differnet bands in one year. Every information about the band contains a description, an illustration, a list of musicians who work with the band and the genre of the performed music.