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Scheduled partnerships

We guarantee the largest database of events collected in proportion to the organisers activities in particular regions of Poland - OVER 20 000 EVENTS A MONTH collected and updated daily.

We offer reliable information about events from:

  • 16 AGGLOMERATIONS Tricity, Kraków, Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław and other.
  • 65 CITIES with county rights such us Bielsko-Biała, Koszalin, Krosno, Radom, Wałbrzych and other.
  • 2.478 COMMUNITIES visited during holidays.

Do you know that in coigdzie.pl database:

  • 100% of records have coordinates

  • 85% of records have a detailed description

  • 100% of records have information about the entrance fee

  • 90% of records have a link to the organiser's website

  • 90% of records have a photo or a poster

Staistically speaking

Basing on data from the Central Statistical Office and own research we present below events that take place throughout the year in relation to the most numerous categories.

We do not count in film screenings.  In Poland we have more than 1.5 million film screenings a year and 80% of them are displayed by the cinema multiplexes which are located in the largest Polish cities.

Coigdzie.pl focuses on categories such as culture, sport, theater, concerts, entertainment. We present market share of those events in the following graph.

Chart - events in poland
Events in Poland by category

Cinema and theatre repertoires

Coigdzie.pl provides Clients with the largest and the most up-to-date cinema and theatre repertoire in Poland.  We  offer complete information about repertoires of the biggest cinemas and theatres in Poland as well as about screenings and performances organised by small and local institutions.  

Cinema repertoire - more than 500 cinemas and at least 32 000 screenings a week

Theatre repertoire - more than 260 theatres and more than 600 theatre scenes

Seasonal databases

Thanks to the precisely-designed database we can select information by the duration of the events, what means that among our Clients there are not only portals or social networks that provide information about events throughout the whole year but  also seasonal services that increase their activity in the winter season or holidays.

SPRING - more than 45.000 events

SUMMER - more than 100.000 events

CITY ENTERTAINMENT - more than 50.000 events

WINTER - more than 35.000 events

All regions

Coigdzie.pl provides information about events and repertoiries from the whole Poland as well as from the individual voivodeships. Information is collected from all government, public and private institutions that organise cultural, sports and folk  events.