The largest cinema and theatre repertoires

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png The largest database of cinemas and theatres team monitors nearly 500 cinemas, more than 260 theaters and more than 600 theater scenes, we provide information about all film shows and theatre performances taking place in major cinemas and theaters in Poland as well as about those organized by small local institutions. We are the largest database of cinema and theater repertoires in Poland.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png The most complete cinema and theatre repertoires

Cinema and theater database offered by is the most complete repertoire of cinemas and theaters available in Poland - we offer more than 34 000 film screenings every week and more than 2 500 theatre performances a month. Every information provided by is accurately described, illustrated with a poster or photo and geolocalised.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png Up-to-date and verified information

Every information about film screenings provided by is verified and updated daily, what means that clients as well as the users are informed about all changes in the cinema repertoire. Theatre repertoire is updated on a monthly basis.

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The largest event database

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png We plan how to collect information aggregates about 200 000 records a year what makes us the largest database of events in Poland. The current state of the database is based on the counters listed on the home page. The first counter shows the number of events organized in Poland today and the second one the number of events collected for the next month. Counters do not include information about the film screenings.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png The whole base is geocoded

Geocoded records allow you to display the information on your site by the most valuable search criteria - the distance from the user location.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png We aggregate information professionally

An experienced team of engineers and developers designs and builds sophisticated mechanisms that allow us to offer the database on the highest level of precision and completeness.

files/v02/img/map-marker-blue.png We control the whole process of collecting information

Our team of editors takes care of the completeness and the meritorical correctness of all categories and even individual records.

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The database of concerts and festivals offers its clients the largest and the most complete database of concerts and festivals. Every month our clients receive information about over 2000 concerts and hundreds of festivalsAlong with the database of concerts clients receive a database of over 2500 bands descriptions with information about the artists and musicians.

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We monitor the whole Poland:

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The most popular categories focuses on the most popular and most numerous categories. Basing on market research and our experience , we create new subcategories to the main categories presented below.

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Events in database by category: focuses on the most popular and most numerous categories. Basing on market research and our experience, we create new subcategories to the main categories presented below.